PA CareerLink® Youth Events

Over the past couple of months, we at the PA CareerLink® South Central Region have been connecting with schools in our counties to ensure students are aware of the PA CareerLink® and what services we have that can help them in the future. These youth days are to get students the resources they need for whatever their next steps may be after high school.

During our youth days, we have the students participate in a variety of activities to get them started on their career path.

  1. Setting up a PA CareerLink® Account on our Job Portal
    We have students setup a PA CareerLink® Account and give them a tour through the job search portal, upload their resume and learn more about our SkillUp Program.
  2. Virtual Reality Career Exploration
    Using our Virtual Reality headsets we have the students explore a variety of high demand fields in Virtual Reality. This gives them a quick, hands-on look at careers they may not have known or thought about.
  3. Resume Workshop
    Because many students have never written a resume before, we give them an introductory workshop to help them get started. The resume is later used in the PA CareerLink® Account.
  4. Mock Interviews with employers
    We have a variety of interviewers from local businesses come in and preform a practice interview with the students. Here they’re able to get real-time feedback and a rating with comments at the end.

We find that these PA CareerLink® Youth Day events help empower the students by providing the knowledge they need for their next steps. Whether it’s school, an entry level job, or training, we want to ensure that these students know we’re here for them when they need us.