Gabe, Paid Work Experience Success Story

Mackenzie Stahl, Youth Facilitator

Gabe came to us through the 18 South Youth Center. After successfully completing his job readiness classes, he expressed interest in pursuing a Paid Work Experience (PWE) program through our Youth Programs at the PA CareerLink®. During our discussions about his career aspirations, Gabe revealed his passion for becoming a mortician. However, he faced obstacles, notably a lack of reliable transportation. With no available mortician PWEs in York County, I sought a solution by reaching out to Katherine, a close friend who owns a funeral home in Red Lion.

Katherine was intrigued by the prospect of offering Gabe an opportunity, prompting me to facilitate a meeting between her and our business services team. Together, they collaborated to design and approve a customized PWE tailored to Gabe’s goals. The location of the funeral home proved ideal, allowing Gabe the convenience of walking to and from work.

Throughout his Paid Work Experience, Gabe consistently reported positive experiences. As his PWE recently concluded, it provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of the funeral home industry, guiding him towards his next steps.