• Ms. Casiano enrolled with the EARN center week of April 22, 2019. When Ms. Casiano arrived to the center, she was nervous and unsure of the goals she wanted to pursue.  She struggled with limited language but once the team gathered to discuss her barriers and what was preventing her from maintaining employment, they introduced Ms. Casiano to the Rosetta Stone Language Learning software program.

    The EDSI team got together and developed a plan for Ms. Casiano’s success in the center. They presented her with a tutorial on the software and the features it has and explained how she would benefit from it. Ms. Casiano did not hesitate to take advantage of the program and immediately began practice to build her languages. Her language skills increased throughout the first three weeks in the EARN center. The staff saw so much potential in Ms. Casiano and allowed her the opportunity to participate in the Customer Service Boot Camp which she completed successfully, and with the certification she obtained through this training, she immediately gained employment in hospitality.

    Mariangi Casiano

  • Congratulations to Courtney Brown for completing the Customer Service Boot Camp Program! Courtney is a very young, energetic participant in the EARN program at 19 years old.  She can be very shy upon meeting her, but once she opens up she has a wonderful, bubbly personality. Courtney has faced many barriers in her young life including being the sole caretaker for her children and being homeless.  She is beginning the process of starting her GED, and has recently accepted full-time employment.  Courtney continues to seek out opportunities to improve her quality of life and the life of her children.

    Courtney Brown

  • As Ms. Longino’s EC I have grown to build a relationship and getting to know her than just participant. Ms. Longino is dedicated in providing for her family. Since the day of Ms. Longing’s enrollment she has always taken the initiative in assisting the staff here in the EARN center as well as assisting our participants without hesitation. Ms. Longino managed to overcome barriers that would have hindered her from gaining employment and being homeless.  Ms. Longinus has always showed up with greeting the staff and having a great big smile. Ms. Longino was successful in competing the customer service boot camp with praises from the instructor of how well she did in the class. Ms. Longingo’s employment goal was to gain a long-term position as a customer service representative, with a salary rate of twelve dollars an hour and great benefits. She was consistent in applying for these positions and meeting with the business service representative for job opportunities. Ms. Longino is now currently employed with the Commonwealth of Pa-Clerical Pool and hopes to advance with the employer. Ms. Longino’s is also being offered receptionist position with employer LW Consultants with a pay rate of eighteen dollars an hour a position she had already interviewed for. Ms. Longino exemplifies all of the qualities an employer looks for in a candidate and would not have a difficult time in seeking future job opportunities. We have nothing but great things to say about Ms. Longino and see nothing but success in her future.

    Daishza Longino

  • Ms. Williams was enrolled in the EARN program in January of 2019.  In her work history, the client has worked many different temporary jobs in order to make ends meet.  Since enrolling, she has expressed interest in working a full time stable, long-term job.  She has expressed interest in the CNA classes and is taking the necessary steps to further her career.  Ms. Williams actively seeks out new opportunities for learning and employment.

    Brandy Williams

  • Ms. Brown was enrolled in the EARN program in December of 2018.  Since that time, she has expressed interest in becoming a CNA and is taking the steps to meet with employers and seek out opportunities to further her education.  She is a graduate of customer service boot camp, and will be completing the Metrix online learning.  Ms. Brown has stated that she wants to continue learning so her children will see their mother’s determination to succeed.

    Lachelle Brown

  • Tonette Bryant and Craig Smith each joined the PA CareerLink Capitol Region over 1 year ago through The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). While at the PA CareerLink, both Tonette and Craig served in the Computer Resource Room as job seeker assistants. Daily, Tonette and Craig assisted job seekers with PA CareerLink website registration, job application questions, resume assistance, and PA CareerLink service/program information.

    Both SCSEP volunteers excelled at providing excellent customer service, communicating information effectively to customers, and built long lasting relationships with customers and staff. Always thorough and dependable, Tonette and Craig displayed the qualities of exemplary customer service that you depend on in a customer focused environment.

    The PA CareerLink Capitol Region thanks Craig and Tonette for their dedication to the mission of the PA CareerLink. We wish them the best as they each begin their new positions at Keystone Human Services and The United Methodist Church, respectively.

    Tonette & Craig

  • ResCare Workforce Services at PA CareerLink® Cumberland County in Carlisle, Pennsylvania has been fortunate enough to meet a young lady by the name of Jisauri.

    Jisauri was born in Puerto Rico and moved here when she was just three years old.  Chambersburg, Pennsylvania was where she would come to reside with her family. When Jisauri was sixteen she came to ResCare Workforce Service with a passion to work. She was looking forward to getting the necessary tools to help build her soft skills while at the same time getting more experience with customers.

    Jisuari had little to no work experience at this point but had grown up looking after her siblings. She, as well as her siblings, had been going to The Boys and Girls Club of Chambersburg and Shippensburg. There she would learn to grow and flourish in her Paid Work Experience under the supervision of Jeanne Clark. Thanks to the PA CareerLink® of Cumberland County, Jisuari is well on her way to a prosperous future.


  • It was an extraordinary couple of days for some Lebanon High School students during a two-day “Raspberry Pi” computer science class taught by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology!

    The students assembled their own computer while learning about hardware components and how they interact. Additionally, they learned about computer programming, functions, variables, data types, and the operating system Linux.

    The IU13 Lebanon Youth program would like to offer a special thanks to our highly valued partnerships with SCPa Works, Lebanon High School and especially Mr. Clint Hibshman, Lebanon High’s Community Based Education Coordinator.

    “Raspberry Pi” is a PC/Hardware system, built by and programmed completely by students. It is a top-to-bottom immersion into computing and coding.  Over 150 students in the South Central region have participated in this innovative program thus far. SCPa Works is proud to partner with Harrisburg University on this initiative.

    Raspberry Pi