• Cynthia Picht, graduate of Penn State University, has worked in the communications industry in Central PA for the past 15 years.  Through her experiences in communications, she has worked with many different industry sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial, business, and professional services. In 2016, Cynthia became a part of the PA CareerLink Business Services Team, partnering with local employers, chambers, economic development corporations, and other community based organizations in Lebanon and Lehigh Counties to market local workforce programs.  Cynthia stated, “I am thrilled to be part of the Industry Sector team, and [am] passionately looking forward to assisting employers with their workforce needs in South Central PA!”  We are happy to have Cynthia on board and are looking forward to watching her flourish in this position.

    Cynthia Picht, Industry Specialist, SCPa Works, Capitol Region CareerLink

  • We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team, Matthew Ross, graduate of the Alternative Conjunction Clinic and School of Massage Therapy. With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Matthew was able to translate his skills and land this job, his second career position working with workforce development, with the guidance of the Capitol Region CareerLink.  Now, as an Industry Specialist with SCPa Works, Matthew looks forward to the opportunity to consult with employers throughout the South Central region in order to provide quality assistance.  He will do so through duties such as establishing relationships with companies in key industry sectors, scheduling meetings with high level decision makers to highlight the opportunities and challenges that companies face in our region, creating action plans to provide solutions based on the company’s top need, and much more.  We look forward to watching Matthew thrive in this position, and are excited to see what he brings to our company.

    Matthew Ross, Industry Specialist, SCPa Works, Capitol Region CareerLink

  • As a teenager, Troy David was a boy who made a bad choice and became a man with no future. He managed to persevere through enormous hardships and thirty plus years later succeeded, with the help of community and our services. “After being released from prison, I found jobs. But I wanted better. ” said David.  “I had heard about the PA CareerLink Capitol Region, so I went looking for help.”  Troy became a part of the WIOA program with a goal of finding a family sustaining wage. With the help of an excellent Customer Service staff, Troy was able to gain some shadowing/volunteer hours as a front desk receptionist. In addition, Troy took an advantage of all the opportunities and activities that the Capital Region CareerLink had to offer.  Today, Troy is working as Case Manager at Associates in Medical Toxicology and Migilore Services.

    Congratulations, Troy!

    “The PA CareerLink helped me to help myself. Help does exist.” – Troy D.


    Troy David, Case Manager, Associates in Medical Toxicology and Migilore Services, Harrisburg, PA

  • Through SCPa Works, Patty Toney took advantage of the Meet and Greet service offered to help her reach her goals.  Patty recently graduated from HACC with her CNA, having passed her licensing exam with a 97%.  Following her graduation, she was offered a job with ManorCare Health Services in Carlisle, PA.  We are so proud of Patty and can’t wait to watch her flourish in her new job!

    Patty Toney, CNA, ManorCare Health Services, Carlisle, PA

  • In support of local economic growth, the Adams County Economic Alliance recently reached out to Quad Graphics, a book manufacturing company located in Fairfield, PA. During the initial meeting, which included a three-hour tour of their building, Quad Graphics shared their interest in partnering with local schools to provide employment opportunities to both current and post-graduate students within the county. From there, Adams County Economic Alliance (ACEA) reached out to Sue Casto, SCPa Works’ Director of Business Partnerships, to assist in the employers request to duplicate their successful West Virginia pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania. Having had prior experience with apprenticeship and training programs, the ACEA reached out to the local community college, while Sue contacted the PA Apprenticeship Office for additional support. As a result of the meeting, the partners present were invited to work with Quad Graphics on the new program in their PA facility, aspiring to help recruit and develop a highly skilled workforce. Projects like this fulfill the Alliance’s mission to provide strategic solutions aimed at creating and retaining jobs, along with contributing to a stable tax base to support the local economy. The solidification of a direct connection between education and employer like the one described will benefit students, job seekers, and the local business community. We are excited about the work Quad Graphics has begun, and look forward to sharing many future successes with them!

    Quad Graphics, Pre-Apprenticeship/Apprenticeship Program, Fairfield, PA


    Todd Hershey recently moved back to his hometown, Carlisle PA, following personal tragedy.  Upon returning to PA Todd was having challenges obtaining full time employment, so he sought out the Careerlink for assistance.  After participation in job connection workshops, as the job search intensified, he was faced with another personal loss.  Determined to get back to work, Todd completed both skills assessments and career interest assessments.  The results pointed to welding as a career option.  After visiting a few schools, Tod decided to attend HACC with his program funding.  With his certification, Todd is now working as a certified Welder making $18.27 per hour!

    Congratulations Todd!

    Todd Hershey

  • Corey Lafrance lost his job in Connecticut and was forced to move to PA with his girlfriend to live with her parents.  Corey came to Careerlink to get help finding employment.  He then worked hard to complete the job preparation workshops and skills testing.  Corey was having a hard time finding employment because his work history was minimal.  Ultimately he decided to attend McCann School of Business and Technology for CDL training.  Correy successfully completed CDL training and found employment as a CDL driver making $19 per hour.  Corey’s family is now renting their own home and looking forward to the future.

    Congratulations Corey!

    Corey Lafrance

  • Ventura Foods  recent expansion required filling over 100 new jobs. Partners, including Franklin County CareerLink, collaborated to increase the applicant pool.  Over 3500 job seekers were contacted with CareerLink ‘s Job Gateway.

    Ventura Foods

  • “Pooling resources is more economically viable. I don’t think any one organization could produce the results we have seen from partnering with SCPa Works.”

    Bob Batory

  • “Training our existing workforce through programs sponsored by the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership of South Central PA, Dr. Pepper is able to retain qualified individuals as well as promote and hire our current workforce.”

    Jennifer A. Detweiler, Plant Training Coordinator / Maintenance Administrator, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc.