Job Seekers

Our job is your job. Whether you are seeking a new career opportunity or exploring training programs to help you in your next job search, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission is to unlock the human talent that drives the development of businesses and individuals. SCPa Works provides a one-stop resource for your job search needs in South Central PA.  Our PA CareerLink® specialists can provide you with job search services, career consultation, training resources and career placement assistance. We understand that navigating through the job search process can be daunting – we are here to provide the help and direction you need to accomplish your goals. Get connected at your local PA CareerLink center today or start your job search now.

“Everyone at PA CareerLink® was very helpful – they are very experienced in what they do. I received help with writing my resume, and now when I present it to a company, they like how well it is written and it helps get me interviews. When I go to the PA CareerLink®, I feel welcome and I know that someone is always there to help. […] The outcome of my job search was that I got the interviews and the job that I wanted. Now I know what to expect if I am searching for a job again.”