SCPa Works and the Partnership for Career Development (PCD) were recently awarded more than $575,000 from the PA Department of Labor & Industry to support connections between industry and education.

“This latest investment from the state into the Teacher in the Workplace grants demonstrates SCPa Works’ commitment to ensuring that educators and school administrators are building valuable connections with industry,” says SCPa Works CEO Jesse McCree. “Our collaboration with the Partnership for Career Development is truly outstanding – through PCD, we are constantly reminded that college and career readiness is one of the best investments we can make in our workforce of the future.”

The Teacher in the Workplace (TIW) program provides the opportunity for organizations in partnership with their Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) to develop and/or implement TIW programs that connect the classroom to the workplace for K-12 educators in Pennsylvania. Through the TIW program, teachers, counselors and administrators are provided experiences interacting directly with industry leaders to learn about industry trends, needs and opportunities to enhance their classroom instruction, student learning and career readiness.

PCD Director, Lynda Morris, echos Mr. McCree’s sentiments, stating, “We are thrilled to receive second-round funding for “Teacher in the Workplace.” Thanks to ongoing collaborative efforts with educational entities, businesses, post-secondary organizations, and community groups, we have been able to leverage the funding in a variety of ways, allowing us the ability to offer a comprehensive and robust model. We feel our strongest potential for success blossoms when we are able to develop collaborative platforms for discussion of best-practices, problem-solving strategies, and creative design models building off of successful programs. Together we are better.”

SCPa Works will be supporting 12 of the 59 total grants given across the Commonwealth, with PCD directly running eight of the programs.

• Lebanon Educator in the Workplace Partnership (LEWP) | $50,000

• FrAY Educator in the Workplace Summer Experience | $39,330

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Analysts | $50,000

• FrAY Educator in the Workplace Intermediate Experience | $49,995

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Engineering | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Hospitality/Tourism | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Human Resources | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Logistics | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Human Services | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track IT/Technology | $50,000

• Leadership Academy Honors Track Clerical | $50,000

• West Shore Teacher in the Workplace STEM Academy | $37,978