Each year, the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE) holds its annual conference for adult educators and administrators. As part of this event, they honor local practitioners, volunteers, students and others with annual service awards.

This year, Jesse McCree, CEO of SCPa Works, has been named PAACE’s Outstanding Partner of the Year. This award stems from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which calls for partnerships among WIOA-funded agencies, employers, Workforce Development Boards, CareerLinks, training providers, coalitions, and public/private/government sectors.

This award is presented to a partner who has demonstrated significant dedication to the success of adult education services. As you can see by excerpts of his peer nomination, Mr. McCree is most deserving of this honor. “Jesse meets and exceeds the criteria for the Outstanding Partner of the Year award. Jesse has been an advocate for adult education in his role as CEO of SCPA Works. Jesse demonstrates a deep understanding of the significant role adult education agencies play in providing educational services for youth and adults on their pathways to education success, training and employment. Jesse is a strategic thinker and is open to exploring innovation and ways that we can build a better workforce development system that recognizes the value of all partners, including adult education. Jesse supports more than one adult education agency. It is clear that Jesse partners with adult education for the purpose of increasing the success of adult learners and not for self-serving reasons. Based on Jesse’s actions and principles of practice, he has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the field of adult education and supports the success of adult learners. Jesse’s investment of time, resources and funding demonstrate his commitment.”

Congratulations to our CEO, Jesse McCree, on being named the 2019 PAACE Partner of the Year!