Dr. Andre Perry, D.M. Rubenstein Fellow at Brookings Institution, says researchers and advocates have to quit “begging (STEM) companies to let black people in the door” (Clusters of black STEM graduates offer a map for future investment). Dr. Perry states that a better method to diversifying the STEM industry is to move the attention from majority-white cities to majority-black cities that encourages high percentages of black STEM graduates. Dr. Perry outlines the benefits of such an approach: “cities that can show how they are free of barriers such as discrimination, which stunts economic growth, and encourage diversity, will be at an advantage as compared to other cities” (Clusters of black STEM graduates offer a map for future investment).

According to Dr. Perry, us as the nation, should not be threatening the business leaders to envision the future United States to a minority-white country. Because the white-minority is already here, since there are 1,200 majority-black cities in the U.S (Recognizing black cities when their existence is being questioned)  Hence, the African-Americans should not plead to be let in the door, instead they should highlight their strengths such as their education. He argues that investing into STEM education of the black population in the nation will help with economic development. The companies will come up with better products because they can attract on diverse viewpoints to meet demands of diversifying marketplace.

Dr. Perry states that “more diverse group of people realize their potential have competitive advantage in the market and can offer a roadmap to an authentically thriving market.” (Clusters of black STEM graduates offer a map for future investment). He goes onto saying that if you, as an individual, belong to a minority group – you would rather look for a job in a market where they are hungry for your skills rather than a market where you stand out and struggle to find a job. Dr. Perry constantly enforces on the fact that more diversity is not only beneficial to the outcomes of the company, but also beneficial in meeting the needs of the consumers more efficiently.

Instead of having the company leaders beg to increase diversity in their respective organizations, lets build black organizations that thrive despite of racist policies. At SCPa Works our vision is to have a region where opportunity for prosperity exists for all – this article is a perfect example of how to make industries equal for all – despite of individual’s race and/or color.


By – Kwisha Patel