Written By: Carissa Gurgul

According to the article Washington D.C. residents approve wage hike for tipped workers, “Workers such as servers, bartenders and hairstylists will be paid $15 an hour by 2026 in the nation’s capital after 55 percent of residents on Tuesday approved a ballot question known as Initiative 77.”  As of now, the highest paid tipped worker is $11.50 an hour in Washington state, followed by $10.50 in California.  The amount of tipped workers living in poverty is approximately double that of other workers, floating around 13% compared to just over 6% of other employees.  Although wages have been steadily increasing, the federal minimum wage for tipped workers remains at $2.13, while it is the decision of individual states to raise this amount.  Below are images denoting state-specific wages of tipped employees in comparison to others.  While we work to connect skilled employees with local companies, it is important to us that our clients are being placed into positions offering family-sustaining wages.  With changes like this one, the positions that meet this qualification are ever-changing.


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