Benefits of Remanufacturing

Written By: Carissa Gurgul

Remanufacturing is a process of recycling products for reuse by restoring a used product back to its original state in order to perform as good as new.  There are many different benefits of remanufacturing, evident to customers, the environment, and the economy.  For customers, remanufacturing often leads to lower products of prices, as it is less expensive, both in terms of materials and energy, for the company to recreate the product rather than creating it from scratch.  According to, these remanufactured products are usually around 60-80% of the cost of the product if it were bought brand new.  In addition, remanufacturing often allows customers to receive products in a timelier manner, as remanufacturing is often done in more local factories rather than overseas.  Remanufacturing also oftentimes allows customers to have access to products in which production has been discontinued, or even options such as take-back or upgrading that will continue the remanufacturing cycle.  As for the environment, remanufacturing is beneficial in the way that it lessens the usage of raw and new materials, in turn leading to a reduction in the usage of energy within production, which decreases the amount of CO2 emissions into the environment.  Furthermore, remanufacturing results in less product waste, which would otherwise get sent to landfills.  In terms of economy, as stated before, since products are less expensive to remanufacture than to originally produce, there are typically higher margins of profit on remanufactured items.  In addition, most often done locally, remanufacturing creates local jobs that benefit the economy.  Within Pennsylvania, remanufacturing accounts for approximately 13,544 jobs within 3,957 operations, producing around $537 million and over $1.5 billion in sales.  Through our services offered here at SCPa Works, we can provide assistance in helping you land your desired job, including remanufacturing positions.


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