Workforce #ChartOfTheWeek | Annual Projected Occupational Gaps

The term “skills gap” is used within workforce development circles with great frequency. What exactly do we mean by the “skills gap,” and what data do we need to take a closer look at to make appropriate investments in our region?

In order to determine what skills are needed for our region to continue to grow, it’s important to first look at the occupations that have the largest mismatch between 1) projected demand and 2) projected surplus. When we look at these occupations that have these deficits or surpluses, it allows us to examine where and how we can tackle the skills gap within specific occupational clusters.

In the chart below, we see significant projected occupational gaps in key positions, such as healthcare practitioners, business and financial operation, and construction occupations. Conversely, our region is expected to shed nearly 515 food and serving-related occupations annually over the next ten years. At the risk of oversimplifying our work, one of our goals is to train and up-skill workers who are currently in food services and help them compete for jobs that are not only in demand, but also projecting a labor shortage.

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