Written By: Carissa Gurgul

In Pennsylvania, more than 86,000 people work in the clean energy industry, outnumbering the amount of people that work in fossil fuel industries.  While clean energy jobs account for approximately 1.14% of all jobs in Pennsylvania, over 75% are energy efficiency jobs and 42% are construction positions.  Having 65,000, Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency jobs account for around 3% of the nation’s total energy efficiency positions.  Within energy efficiency jobs, the largest sum lies within renewable energy positions with more than 10,000 workers.  All 67 counties within the state of PA have members that work in clean energy, Alleghany County having the most with 12,000 jobs, and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh attributing to more than half.  From 2014 to 2015 alone, the number of clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania increased by 15%.  These statistics make Pennsylvania the 11th highest ranking state of all 50 in terms of clean energy jobs.  Along with growing the workforce, Matt Elliott, Executive Director of the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance, claims that energy efficiency is also helping Pennsylvanians save both money and energy.


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