​There are plenty of jobs in central Pa. So why are 30,000 people still looking for work?

(Via YDR.com)

​There are significantly more jobs in southcentral Pennsylvania than there are job seekers, according to summer data from SCPa Works.

The data shows 55,000 jobs available and 30,000 people seeking work. The data is based on job listings in an eight-county region including Adams, Franklin, Lebanon and York.

Part of the answer lies in the kinds of jobs available in the region: Part-time and seasonal work is included in the numbers. And those jobs are more abundant in the summer, said Doran Condon, a program officer with SCPa Works..

The data also says that underemployment — people who have jobs but don’t feel their skills are being fully utilized — is high in the region.

Simply: Not everyone who has a job is happy with it. That may lead to a greater number of people competing for the jobs that are available.

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