PA CareerLink® hosts community event to help those with criminal history.

expungement 3
Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) at the York County expungement clinic

When a community comes together to address the stigmas of criminal records, great events like the “York County Expungement Informational Session” happen.

On April 4th 2016, PA CareerLink® York County partnered with York County’s Mayor Bracey and Representative Kevin Schreiber as well as the York County (PA) Bar Association/York County Bar Foundation, Martin Library, MidPenn Legal Services and Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity for an inaugural event.

Expungement is a legal order to have criminal history record information destroyed and removed from public view. An expungement can be for an entire arrest, or for individual charges from an arrest. In Pennsylvania, all arrests are publicly available on-line; however, primarily only arrests that did not lead to a conviction are eligible for expungement. Some criminal records can be fully expunged in Pennsylvania, but are limited to non-conviction charges, completed ARD program, summary convictions if there is a five-year arrest free period and any convictions if you are over 70 years old and have a ten-year arrest free period since the conviction.

On April 4th, over 75 individuals arrived at Martin Library in York for the first Expungement Information Session. After hearing an informative session on Expungement by PLSE’s Mike Lee, each participant was able to have one-0n-one time with an attorney to go over any of their concerns. Plans are being made for another session to be held in 2017.

As part of our commitment to serving formerly incarcerated citizens in their successful reentry back to society, SCPa Works understands that one of the critical barriers to work is a criminal history. Through the PA CareerLink®, we provide personalized job search assistance, specialized job seeker workshops, networking groups, career counseling, skills and interest assessments, access to skills and occupational training, extensive job lead resources and more.