A recent Central Penn Business Journal article outlined the mismatch between younger workers and occupations in the skilled trades, particularly as more baby boomers are retiring.DFP_8973

SCPa Works CEO Kevin Perkey weighed in on how the region can build a pipeline of younger and fully-trained workers that can obtain successful careers as welders, plumbers, electricians and other professionals in the trades. Currently, skilled trades are not attracting enough millennials to meet current and future demand.

One option that may help is to encourage more current high-schoolers to explore possible careers in a trade, potentially gaining valuable work experience if they decide to pursue a four-year degree later.

“It will probably make you a stronger candidate to get into college, and then you’ll probably be more successful at it,” Perkey said. “You’ll also gain that valuable work experience, which is something that all of our employers, across all industries, regardless of degree or regardless of skill set, say they want.”

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