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Business Education Partnership Activities
For the period October 1, 2019 –June 30, 2020

SCPa Works is soliciting proposals for Business Education Partnership and Career Awareness activities in our region.   In order to be considered for funding, an application must provide for direct student involvement in career awareness and exposure activities. The applicant or partnership is recommended to include business entities, school districts, career and technical schools, and institutions of higher education. Additional partner’s community-based organizations (e.g., nonprofits, afterschool, summer learning programs, youth development centers, and recreation departments), trade associations, economic development entities, etc. will be considered favorably.

SCPa Works will be focusing on four key pillars of strategy for implementation of grant activity and programming with BEP funds through a rigorous Request for Quote (RFQ) process. We are looking to fund projects that align with PA Career Education & Work (CEW) standards, the Chapter 339 plans, and the PA Future Ready Index, and will invest in programs that support them to include one or more of our four pillars of strategy listed below.

  • Career Awareness and Opportunities
  • School District and Business Alignment
  • Career and Technical Education/Training and range of Post-Secondary Opportunities
  • Essential Workplace Skills

Programs will only be funded for organizations that are part of the SCPa Works region, which includes the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Juniata, Lebanon, Perry, and York.  You will be entering into a contract with SCPa Works. You may apply for more than one grant. The funding limit for any proposal is $5,000.  If you are submitting more than one proposal, they may not be combined.  Each proposal must be submitted separately.

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Supporting Documents for Application Process


Business Education Partnership Funding

2018-2019 Business Education Partnership Funding – Bidders’ Meeting Minutes (June 28, 2018)