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  • Weldon Solutions

    “We have been able to upskill our employees in key business areas to improve our opportunity to win new business and meet customer needs. The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership has allowed Weldon, as a small manufacturer, to continue to invest in our employees and provide them with new skills to develop their career paths in our company and in manufacturing.”

    Travis D. Gentzler, President, Weldon Solutions

  • "We, the Ames Companies, have been involved with the consortiums for well over 10 years. The York and Dauphin county consortiums have been very instrumental with the increased skill level of our work force. This increased skill level is not only needed at Ames, but across America."… Read On

    Mike Lupey, Tool Engineer Manager, Ames True Temper

  • "Often training that is relevant to our manufacturing roles is not readily available anywhere else in our area. We truly value the Industry Partnership and the support it has provided us with our commitment to develop our workforce and provide our associates with new opportunities."… Read On

    Robert F. Fletcher, Director of Administration, New Standard Corporation, York, PA

  • “I lost my job after 22 years at my former employer. Through the services I received at the PA CareerLink®, I went from being very frustrated to growing more confident that I could find a job. Within six weeks of coming to the PA CareerLink®, I received four job offers, and now have a permanent job! I feel that it is a wonderful service, and that everyone should participate.”


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