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  • “Assurance Staffing, Inc. strongly feels the services of both Career Link and EDSI has contributed to our recruiting success.  The services are essential for people who need assistance obtaining employment through guidance in job search, referrals and job placements. I am proud to work with Career Link and EDSI and know these services contribute to the success of our community.”



    Cinde Holste, Manager, Assurance Staffing, Inc., Camp Hill, PA

  • Contact Helpline needed to fill an Administrative Assistant position.   Capital Region CareerLink’s Job Club  shared the lead.  Matching the small company with a job seeker and utilizing on the job training funds to support the new hire.

    Job Club, Capital Region CareerLink, Harrisburg, PA

  • Cumberland County manufacturers, Carlisle Syntec and Vitro Architectural Glass, benefit from on the job (OJT) training funds by offsetting the investment in every new hire while evaluating skills progress monthly.

    On the Job Training, Carlisle Syntec and Vitro Architectural Glass

  • Ventura Foods  recent expansion required filling over 100 new jobs. Partners, including Franklin County CareerLink, collaborated to increase the applicant pool.  Over 3500 job seekers were contacted with CareerLink ‘s Job Gateway.

    Ventura Foods

  • IMG_0399“I worked at CareerLink for a little over 5 months and my time here was a learning experience. I learned how to work with others. Because of this experience, I know how to work as a team and depend on others. I gained a sense of professionalism as well. I enjoyed the people I worked with and I am glad I met them. I also appreciated my help with my college applications.”



  • Ja’Quan a youth that worked with ResCare at the PA CareerLink® last summer as part of the Paid Work Sellers imageExperience (PWE) program. He just won the John Harris NAACP Act-So award for his art. Both Ja’Quan and his mother will go on to Cincinnati for the NAACP Act-So Nationals.

    Ja’Quan is set to graduate with his friends on June 5 from John Harris High School. Two weeks ago, I escorted Ja’Quan and two other youth on their first interview. They were all able to secure full-time employment at DHL and will begin working 2nd shift immediately following graduation. We are all beyond proud of Ja’Quan and his accomplishments!


  • “Working with PA CareerLink® gave me confidence in searching for a job. I was shown how to search for a job and how to find out what jobs I was qualified for. I hadn’t done a resume in over 20 years and it was a huge help to see sample resumes and gain access to the information needed for a resume.

    I applied to several different jobs and I had a few interviews. I contacted Citizen Bank through networking and was recently offered a job there.

    I would recommend anyone who is on unemployment to meet with [PA CareerLink®] and to take advantage of the class and the programs that they offer.”

    Lori, Job seeker

  • A Vargas - ResCare

    “Alexis was hired for a part time position from ResCare. She started with ResCare in the summer of 2015 and quickly progressed here at the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg. Alexis was hired in the fall 2015 as a junior staff member for the Boys & Girls Club. During the fall Alexis contributed by helping me organize our flag football league. She has continued to be a huge asset for our organization.”  – Mr. Derek Thompson, Unit Director, Boys and Girls Club of Harrisburg

    Alexis, Junior Staff Member, Boys & Girls Club, Harrisburg

  • ResCare GED student

    Latifah Davis enrolled in ResCare Workforce Services GED Class in April 2015. She had dropped out of high school three years prior in 10th grade. Latifah set her goals to obtain her GED in six months and enroll in a trade school or a community college to pursue her dream of Early Childhood Education, her love for art, and cooking. Latifah successfully obtained her GED on 10/01/2015 and she is currently enrolled in Job Corps where she is studying for a Culinary Arts Certificate.

    “No matter what the situations or trials you go through, never give up. This is one of the most exciting feelings I’ve felt! To get my GED, you have to have a lot of self-motivation and a team of people who care about you.”


  • “Everyone at PA CareerLink® was very helpful – they are very experienced in what they do. I received help with writing my resume, and now when I present it to a company, they like how well it is written and it helps get me interviews. When I go to the PA CareerLink®, I feel welcome and I know that someone is always there to help. […] The outcome of my job search was that I got the interviews and the job that I wanted. Now I know what to expect if I am searching for a job again.”


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