Written By: Carissa Gurgul

Although the United Kingdom has a record high employment rate, they are failing to consider certain groups of people eligible for employment based solely on assumptions.  According to the article PWC report: UK losing out over failure to employ more over 55-s – comment from CoreHR, “The issue here is that too many organisations make assumptions, and decisions, about employees or candidates based on outdated cultural norms and established practices.”  We want to assure you that we are working with some of the best companies and employees and are working hard to combat any assumptions otherwise.  Here at SCPa Works, we believe in everyone has the ability to become qualified for employment, as we work closely with any type of client to bring out their best qualities in order to reach their full potential.  By providing training and educational resources and matching distinguished clients with local companies, we are ensuring that the skill-levels meet each employer’s needs.


“PWC Report: UK Losing out over Failure to Employ More over-55s – Comment from CoreHR.” The Online Recruitment Resource, 20 June 2018, https://www.onrec.com/news/opinion/pwc-report-uk-losing-out-over-failure-to-employ-more-over-55s-comment-from-corehr.